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Same Old Story: Most Popular Games Ideas Ever

Maybe it is an echo of a primeval fear of the unknown. Our ancestors started from the premise that the unfamiliar was dangerous. Anyhow, the reasons are not the subject of this article. What matters is the following fact: we like things that we know. It is as simple as that. This is why record labels pay radio stations for playing the same songs over and over. Same with visual identification: if your eyes meet a certain picture or object frequently enough, you will be more likely to buy it. Advertising professionals have been aware of that dependency for many years now, which is why our cities, news papers and websites are increasingly covered with visual ads.

Games And Comic Books: Do They Mix Well?

Movies and comic books have a lot in common, and can be a great source of inspiration for each other’s creators. Unfortunately, for many years, the comic book adaptations shown around in cinemas were of embarrassingly poor quality. The filmmakers, however, did not relent in their efforts. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, two splendid adaptations of Batman by Tim Burton hit the screens. Hope started to grow again. Many later productions, however, were rescued from complete failure only by large budgets, which allowed for impressive special effects. Fortunately, also genuinely good movies have been recently coming to light. Some adaptations draw not only from comic book story lines, but also from their visual style - think about titles like Sin City or 300. The trend is definitely on the up and up.


PETA Takes On The World’s Most Famous Plumber

Gamers have already became accustomed to the fact that brutal FPPs, or erotic adventure games are common targets of morality’s defenders attacks. It turns out that even rather innocuous titles can not feel safe anymore - even such classics like Super Mario Bros, and a semi-educational game, Cooking Mama.

The History of Online Browser Games

Browser games are are a relatively new phenomenon. The first ones were developed in late 90’s so the history of online gaming is not really long. It all started with the development of Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 technology. This allowed to produce games that could be played in an Internet  browser without the necessity of installing anything to your hard drive. The DOM, CSS, and JavaScript were used to write these first online browser games.

Weight Loss and...Online Browser Games?!

It is common belief that the vanishing border between the real and virtual worlds may pose serious threat to both mental and physical health of gamers. With the boom of online browser games, the concerns are probably quite reasonable...but only to an extent. Hardly anything can and should be looked at from an extremely black-and-white perspective. Recent research conducted by American scientist at Indiana University showed astounding results. Apparently, paying regular visits to the virtual world of Second Life, one of the most famous and most controversial browser games, may actually help lose weight in real life. How come? Is it about the calories you burn hitting that keyboard when you play skill games?

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