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The History of Online Browser Games

Browser games are are a relatively new phenomenon. The first ones were developed in late 90’s so the history of online gaming is not really long. It all started with the development of Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 technology. This allowed to produce games that could be played in an Internet  browser without the necessity of installing anything to your hard drive. The DOM, CSS, and JavaScript were used to write these first online browser games.

Weight Loss and...Online Browser Games?!

It is common belief that the vanishing border between the real and virtual worlds may pose serious threat to both mental and physical health of gamers. With the boom of online browser games, the concerns are probably quite reasonable...but only to an extent. Hardly anything can and should be looked at from an extremely black-and-white perspective. Recent research conducted by American scientist at Indiana University showed astounding results. Apparently, paying regular visits to the virtual world of Second Life, one of the most famous and most controversial browser games, may actually help lose weight in real life. How come? Is it about the calories you burn hitting that keyboard when you play skill games?

The Social Aspect of Online Browser Games: From Avatars to Lovers

Not all browser games are good platforms for sociailizing. Can you imagine making friends while playing simple skill games such as Tetris? However, in the world of MMORPGs, avatars are probably one of the most important elements which dominates the game plot, action and interaction possibilities. It turns out that for most players the attractiveness of browser games stems largely from a desire to create their alter ego projections in the unreal world. Virtual reality provides a platform for rendering real-life relationships (hence real emotions) in an unreal world. Joined in common missions or tasks, players learn teamwork along with other benefits of socializing and networking. Sometimes, friendship turns to something more...What makes massive multiplayer online browser games so attractive? Why do millions of players from all over the world actually create virtual identities?

Kids and Online Browser Games

It is hard to imagine what would life without Internet be like in the 21st century. We browse the Web everyday and everywhere: at work, at home, even on holiday. We may claim that it has no control over our lives, but let us speak frankly: how many people (at least in the developed countries) could honestly say they would not at all mind living offline? As adults we are more or less aware of the various - often veiled - threats of frequent Internet surfing. Therefore, if necessary, we are able to place certain restrictions on ourselves. Unfortunately, children lack this ability, and usually do not have a clue about where to draw the line between safe and unsafe computer use. Probably the most alarming is the fact that they are more prone to Internet addiction, especially to playing browser games, skill games and instant messaging.

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