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We All Love Simulators, or Why It Is Fun to Operate a Tower Crane

These mysterious gamers refuse to spend fortune on new hardware or consoles, and never buy games in presale. Modern "gaming hermits”, they are fascinated by a form entertainment that is rather incomprehensible by others. The moment they are back from school or work, they sit down in front of their computers with cheeks red with emotion. No wonder: it’s time to play! Active on Internet forums rather than on Facebook, they love to post screenshots presenting the coolest models of tractors, tower cranes and car tows ... Who are these people? Meet the lovers of exotic simulators of basically everything.


It's Germans’ Fault!

Germans are weird, everyone knows that. Germany has its own role-playing game (Das Schwarze Auge), very much loved by its fans and popular only among German citizens. It boils down to this: Germans, together with French, Italian, English and Spanish gamers, are rich and spend a lot of cash on video games. This is why game developers pamper them by offering full localization, professional customer service, expansion packs, bonuses and other goodies, designed specifically for their particular markets. All in all, Western players are spoiled rotten: they can afford to play whatever they want. Best graphics, best studios. Surprisingly, it was in a German studio - Giants Software - where the first rather unusual simulator was created - Farming Simulator 2008.


The Beginning

After the surprising success of Farming Simulator 2008, Giants, together with other studios, such as UIG Entertainment, began to develop more and more  games. Players could see for themselves what it feels like to operate heavy equipment, were able to get a wider perspective on the functioning of an airport (Airport Simulator), or had the chance to try and run transportation and logistics companies (Rail Cargo Simulator, Heavyweight Transport Simulator) and even road works companies (yes, the title is Road Works Simulator...). Another series worth mentioning are “Sim” games. From the original 1989 SimCity and its numerous sequels, through SimCopter and SimHealth to the bestselling The Sims, they all enjoyed considerable success and only increased the demand for even more exotic simulators.


Sweet Childhood Dreams

Appearances notwithstanding, driving a virtual tank, a bus or operating a crane is not necessarily a form of entertainment that speaks only to children; unless we’re talking about all the men who secretly dream of playing with an electric train all day long. Simulation games refer to our earliest desires, hence are just a great way to relax and feed your inner child 


Radeon, GeForce - who needs that stuff...

...actually, everybody does. Nevertheless, one of the biggest advantages of the above mentioned simulators are its low hardware requirements. This is why such great titles as Tank Simulator or Woodcutter Simulator run even on older equipment. Simulators usually have low budgets which influences both game quality and the way its promoted. This is why such games are not really nothing extraordinary in terms of graphics or sound, and do not ignite as much media hype as popular titles. At the same time, product managers manage to keep their prices relatively low, which is a great compromise for all the fans of simulations out there.

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