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The Social Aspect of Online Browser Games: From Avatars to Lovers

The formation of a virtual identity

Online browser games offer various sceneries and scenarios: fantasy, historical, science fiction and many others. Regardless of the theme, all game participants must clearly and explictely define their avatars both to themselves, and to their fellow gameplayers. Usually there is no way of getting online friends to trust and respect you without being honest in your choices. 


Group games

Group games for fun are an integral part of human and even animal life. Browser games are merely yet another way of ‚Äč‚Äčsocializing through play, known to humanity since the beginning of the world. According to some theories in psychology, almost every activity carried out in the company of another person gives more fun than solitary activities. With online browser games, the fun of socializing is simply adapted into another medium.


Social experience

Virtual worlds are able to metaphorically transport the players into magical places and fascinating landscapes. Avatars gain in strength, courage and confidence. If the player decides to grant the created virtual identity with elements of his own personality, behavior, interpersonal and personal characteristics, this typically forges a very strong bond between him and the game character. The creation of plus the relationship with a virtual alter ego is something that all MMORPG browser games players have in common. This makes them all unique and the same at the same time. They play by the same rules, so the more time they spend with each other, the more they bond. In many cases, avatars eventually becomes a virtual projection of the actual characteristics of players. Although the actions take part in a virtual world, the identifications is so strong, that all relationships are unable to work without emotional engagement. And the more emotions playing evokes, the more worthy and real it becomes for the gamer.



The virtual character of online browser games brings some indisputable advantages. Playing and interacting in a group teaches teamwork and responsibility for others. The more time, effort and emotional engagement a player exhibits, the closer  the relationships he or she enjoys in the game get. Quite often they turn into long-lasting friendships or get serious in a more romantic fashion. Recent research indicates that 40% of browser games players consider their fellow gamers as comparably or even more valuable than their real-life friends. Whether the statistics should be alarming might be difficult to resolve. 

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