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The History of Online Browser Games

The above mentioned combination of stylesheet and markup languages and scripts is often referred to as Dynamic HTML (DHTML). DHTML is usually employed in drop down menu’s and image roll over’s. It can also be used to create simple animation in sprite-based action and skill games. This is what first online browser games were constructed with.


The games could be further developed with the advance of Ajax programming techniques. Ajax is a group of interrelated web development techniques used to create asynchronous web applications. Thanks to Ajax, web applications can send data to and retrieve data from servers asynchronously (“in the background”), that is, without interfering with the display and behavior of the opened website. The next phase in browser games’ development came with web plug-ins, such as Flash, Unity, Java and Shockwave. Most browsers these days offer a quick and easy, almost automatic possibility of installing these plug-ins.


Now, more and more games are created with server-side scripting tools. These include scripting languages, such as Java, Python, Perl, ASP, Ruby and PHP. The new possibilities opened up by the scripts helped to increase the visual attractiveness and functionalities of browser games. Every day new innovations are being introduced, and the older tools are constantly being developed and updated.


Let’s talk some facts now: the oldest recorded online browser game is a 1996 release, Earth 2025. The game started a new generation of applications, which could be played directly in the web browser. Earth 2025 placed the players in full command of a country at war. They had to run its economy, military and diplomacy. As a matter of fact, the game was not a big success and didn’t attract too many users. It was only later than some browser games achieved cult status. Remember Adventure Games Live, Hattrick or Runescape? These titles are popular even now, and have loyal fans all over the world.


Probably the newest trend in online browser games design are skill games. They are extremely addictive and enjoy great playability. Some gaming websites offer the possibility to play for real money. This is why many people see them as the next step in in the evolution of online gaming, and a legal business alternative to gambling products, such as online poker and casinos. Some may wonder what the difference between playing, e.g., Bubble Shooter for money and betting in an Internet casino is. The answer to this question is surprisingly simple. Unlike in gambling games, the score in browser games does not depend on luck factors only, but mainly on skills; the best players are more like professional sportsmen than gamblers. 

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