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Kids and Online Browser Games

What effects can online gaming exactly have on kids? First of all, the time they spend playing obviously shortens the time they could spend socializing with other children, which can result in impediment of their social growth. They should be going out and meeting people, but all they do instead is sit behind the computer and play online browser games. Yes, the Internet does provide a platform for social interaction, but it will never be able to replace personal contact. Kid should have the opportunity to learn how to cooperate with others, understand what friendship is, what it means to love somebody, but also how to resolve conflicts. When they stay at home most of their free time, they simply will not integrate with their peers. Playing online browser games, even if it results in making friends, is not even a close substitute for normal relationships. For instance, teens that find acceptance in a gaming society or in a chat room, in real life are very often total outcasts, unable to establish or cultivate any friendships.


Children need to know that browser games or, generally, Internet addiction is a big issue and learn to monitor the time they spend in front of computer. Kids should to be taught moderation as early as possible. Secondly, spending too much time online means sedentary lifestyle.Children who spend too much time playing online browser games tend to avoid physical activities and do not exercise enough. They can sit in one position for a couple of hours, when they could - or even should - be playing football or basketball. Our bodies were not built for sitting, and sedentary lifestyle is already taking its toll. Spending too much time in a chair wrecks our spine and leads to obesity - also by children. Kids who spend a lot of time outside, playing with their colleges, are simply stronger and have a better bone structure than the children who don not exercise at all. It is very important for the parents to encourage their children to go outside and play. Many kids who like playing skill games argue that it develops their eye-hand coordination. Even if that is true, it still will not burn calories.

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