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Are Online Browser Games Stealing Our Time?

In recent years browser gaming have been arousing an increasing interest. Online games enjoy a growing popularity because they are simple, easily available, and have minimum hardware requirements. Also, the time of game play is pretty much unlimited: usually, we can play as long as we want. “Game over” does not mean that the game is really finished. A “start again” button is always close at hand.


From the scientific point of view, it is hard to explain why people like shooting bubbles or stacking blocks that much, but well, they sure do and this is all that matters. It might have something to do with the competitive nature of human beings. Scientifically justified or not, skill games and shooting games are among the most popular browser games played at work and at home, on mobiles and on laptops or PCs. Theoretically, they should be nothing more than quick forms of entertainment available for short breaks, but practically people always spend more time playing than they initially planned to. Once a game starts, it is hard to stop. Online browser games proponents claim that playing is the perfect way to relax, has great entertainment values, and provides the ability to improve various skills, helps learning foreign languages and boosts logical thinking. On the flip side, gaming opponents argue that playing games is an easy way to obesity and addiction. The truth, as always, lies probably somewhere in the middle.


Most of us are probably familiar with the following scenarios: you come home dog-tired from work OR you are still at work and already feel weary. So, one by one, you start playing these nice and easy skill games that you stumbled upon somewhere in the Internet some time ago. Surprising, how something so small and seemingly insignificant can at the same time wield so much power over us... Collecting points easily becomes so addictive that it is almost impossible to stop after just one game. Such short breaks can accumulate into hours of playing. We want to get more points, raise our individual score and simply become better - like in other areas of life.


The situation can become more serious when we know that our friends or work colleagues like to play the same games. The rivalry drives us to play even more. The need to compete is a natural element of human nature, and should not be perceived as something negative. When we see that our friends achieve scores higher than ours, it can be really hard to leave the game and return to work. The sad truth is: were our jobs more exciting,  we would spend less time on playing online browser games.

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